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Womencorp is an international company that provides high quality experiential learning programs and leadership development for women in business.

We are made up of a team of corporate business leaders and entreprenenurs who have achieved success in the business world. We joined forces for the purpose of helping women in business succeed.

Our mission is to help women executives and women business owners to successfully lead profitable businesses that offer valuable products and services that employ more people, positively impact communities and change the world for the better.
The “experiential training” for women managers is done through teleseminars, learning workshops, mentoring and coaching. We also offer CDs, books and DVDs as an additional resource.

Our goal is to be the best learning program available on the market to enable business women to grow to new heights in their careers and lead business. Whether you are a corporate manager or head of your own company we have a program that will give you skills and success strategies for life.

Remember, the most valuable asset you can have is knowledge!

Our team is made up of experts who can help you with:

  • Mindset development – changing those inner beliefs that hold you back
  • Marketing – branding you and your company
  • Sales – selling your ideas, selling your companies products & services
  • Management – developing and leading your team
  • P&L Training – profitability based thinking for a better bottom line
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking Skills
  • Negotiation Skills and Self Valuation
  • Coaching

The Girls

Roxanne BatsonRoxanne Batson Managing Partner of WSN Sales 75 LLC, a global Marketing company. She is a speaker, author and sales trainer with 25 years of experience in business development for companies such as Southern Living, Merrill Lynch and TurnerBatson Architects.

Her financial management background gives her a unique perspective in teaching people how to grow a profitable business. She has additional expertise in web site marketing and has been featured in video and print interviews with magazines such as “Streaming Media.com”.

Roxanne was recognized as Small Business Person of the Year and Chair of the Chamber and the “Partnership” of cities, county and business leaders.
She leads learning sessions for marketing and sales skills that generate revenue for your business! More about Roxanne..

Lynn CarnesLynn Carnes
Lynn is the founder and CEO of The Great Life, LLC, focused on creative life and wealth solutions. She has a passion for life and for helping others to achieve their full potential through a strong life vision and a focused plan that gets results. She is also the architect of the Internet Masters Series. Prior to starting The Great Life, Lynn spent 25 years in Information Technology, the last 18 years in senior to executive level roles at Fortune 150 financial and insurance companies.

The Boys

Rudolf BoogermanRudolf Boogerman is an artist and multimedia expert.

CEO of Raboo Design, an award winning Web Design and Multimedia Arts company. Several of his sites won multiple awards and recognitions by the People’s Choice Award. He takes care of the visual communication for WomenCorp, including the web sites for Woman Success Network LLC.

Rudolf thinks it is about time to change the world and create a fusion between the Patriarchal and Matriarchal way, resulting in a balanced economical and political system.” He believes WomenCorp can help achieve that goal by training women to become economic leaders. In the foreseeable future, skill and ability rather than gender should dominate the business world. Men and women can balance and compliment each other with their unique abilities. More about Rudolf..

Stephen BerryStephen Berry
President of Performance Management International, an organisation that works with leading companies to help them to embrace innovation and to deliver improved business performance and greater operational efficiencies. Stephen is a co-founder and presenter of Softvision International, a European-based business that pioneered a highly innovative concept for knowledge transfer programming for video, DVD and cable distribution. Softvision products are viewed by millions of viewers and have featured such luminaries as Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Jim Manzi. Stephen
wrote each film as well as taking on the role of presenter and brings these unique media skills to the WomenCorp organisation.

Previously, Stephen has run several IT training companies in different countries and has a long history with Microsoft where he developed the early training programs and curricula upon which all product training was based. Stephen is also a qualified project director and has successfully delivered many multi-million dollar projects for blue chip organisations.
More about Stephen..

The Consultants

Terry DockeryTerry Dockery, Ph.D. is a nationallylicensed Organizational Psychologist, speaker, and writer who is President of the Business Psychology Company LLC. For more than a decade he has coached leaders in small to Fortune 500 companies on increasing business performance and personal satisfaction.
He focuses in the areas of leadership, selection, team building, and strategic planning.

He is associated with national, state, and local psychological and business associations. He has worked as a leadership trainer, university teacher, researcher, business manager, counselor, and blues harmonica player. He has recorded several music CD’s, and he received the “Lucille Award” from B.B. King himself. He continues to pursue a fulfilling and highly unprofitable involvement with music.

Against the advice of his therapist and his own better judgment, he once played golf. He lives happily with his wife and children in Atlanta , Georgia . More about Terry..

Lee SumnerLee Sumner is a Certified ProfessionalCoach who facilitates professional effectiveness groups for major corporations across the Southeast. President of No LimitsCoaching, Lee and her work have been featured widely in magazines, newspapers and television. She is the former Vice-President of the International Coach Federation.
She is also a member of the International Coach Federation, Womenade and National Association of Women Business Owners.

Through Lee’s commitment to excellence, she has studied with world-renowned training programs and mentors including Thomas Leonard, the founder of coaching, to become the Master Coach, speaker and seminar leader that she is today. Lee also privately coaches professionals, business owners and executives at major corporations.
More about Lee..

Rosanne D'AusilioRosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D. is an Industrial Psychologist and President of Human Technologies Global, Inc. Her speciality is human performance management, about which she’s written two books ‘Wake Up Your Call Center – Humanize Your Interaction Hub’ and ‘Customer Service And The Human Experience’.In addition she has recently ventured into writing motivational and instructional books such as ‘Lay Your Cards On The Table: 52 Ways To Stack Your Personal Feck’.Speaker, author, and analyst for many Fortune 500 companies, Rosanne also travels the globe to work with customer call centers as a trainer and speaker on topics such as conflict resolution and building customer relations.

She sits on the Advisory Board of Help Desk Professionals, is a columnist for TMCnet.com and represents the human element for an Italian software company and is a sought after dynamic, vibrant and internationally prominant speaker.

More about Rosanne..

Carol AbottCarol Abbott
Creator of the Life Gardening Coaching System, Carol is a Professional Life Coach and President of Orgaffects Coaching and Consulting Services.

Carol is a member of the International Coaches Federation and studied at The Coaches Training Institute, Peak Potentials Training, Coachville and under top International Motivational speakers such as Jack Canfield, Robert Allen and Esther and Jerry Hicks ~ the teachings of Abraham. She continues to expand her expertise through extensive study and has just completed training in Psyh-K tm, a cutting edge technology that quickly shifts core beliefs to unleash positive outcomes.

Carol knows the importance of doing whatever it takes to identify and transform the beliefs that may hold you back from creating the fabulous life of your dreams. Her exclusive ‘Life Gardening’ system is designed to provide you with the tools to create the life of your dreams and ‘grow your life from the inside out’.

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