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Your own online TV station

By Rudolf Boogerman

Is it possible to create your own independent TV station or video channel?  According to John Rothko from Miracle Tutorials, you can.  It is much cheaper then you might imagine and the advantage is that the quality of the videos will be superior compared to YouTube because you are in full control over the system.
John says that you should keep promoting your business on YouTube and the other channels because that is the way to drive traffic to your own site, so there are no changes there.
Then why would you do this?  Visual quality we mentioned already, what else?

  1. you are not limited to videos of 10 minutes
  2. You are in total control over the branding of your video/TV channel and its players
  3. You are in control over the ads appearing on your videos, if any.
  4. You can sell videos directly on your site.
  5. The hosting fee is lower then a monthly account with AudioAcrobat, namely $10/month
  6. You will have an astounding amount of monthly bandwidth and web space

If this sounds like music in your ears, read on, because John is working on a series of video tutorials combined with text articles and a couple of free utilities to help you to set it all up.  Over the coming 2 weeks, he will create 4 tutorials.

Here is the introduction article to the series.  He takes you by the hand, and step by step, you will develop your own video channel, including a content management system, either with Joomla or WordPress.

Everything is explained in detail and if you have questions, you can drop a comment on one of the articles.
Even if you do not want to do all this by yourself, it is still worthwhile to follow along to see what the options are.  And the great things is, it is totally for free.

Oh, and before I forget, you do not need to be a programmer to do this.  Some very basic knowledge of html is certainly useful, but other then that, it is easy to follow.

The first lesson, step 1 of 4 is already published in the meantime as well:
http://www.miracletutorials.com/creating-your-own-video-channel-1/, however, I would advice to sign up for the newsletter of Miracle Tutorials first because then you the choice between a couple of interesting redeem vouchers that are very useful in Step 1.  Also, you will get a newsletter by email once Step 2 is published, so that you do not need to come back to the site every time to check.
Here is the link: Join the newsletter

Have a great time :-)

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  1. Online TV Says:
    May 10th, 2009 at 11:41 am

    What a great advice. I will definitely create my own channel and who knows, maybe I’ll get to be popular. I’ve created my own channel on youtube and i get very few watchers, but with this website I feel that it is going to be different. I feel that my videos will become popular. I have some great video projects in mind that are waiting to be made. Thanks for telling us about this website.

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