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WomenCorp.org changes strategy

By Womencorp

For quite some time, WomenCorp.org covered subjects primarily related to business. Strangely enough, those subjects didn’t seem to trigger many reactions, as opposed to postings which were socially orientated, like the article by Erica Ehm:  My Son Wears Dresses: You Curious?.
This article keeps getting new interesting comments, which indicates that the subject clearly triggers high emotions.  Not that we necessarily seek high emotions, but it appears more relevant and urgent to address moral and social issues, since business is already everywhere.

Therefore, we are looking now for volunteers, preferably college students or professionals in the social sector to write guest posts on a wide range of social issues related to women and their environment.



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One Response to “WomenCorp.org changes strategy”

  1. Picj Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Why do you need women in leadership postions Well whats the point of asking someone a question like this.
    I strongly feel its a non sense crappy question on the whole.Because for a business its not the point if the CEO is a women or man.The quality and ability is whats important.Only when someon has a skill it matters if your worthy enough to be a leader or not.If I being a women had exposure to various kinds of businesses and have an exceptionally talent in administration of business I am more than qualified to be a leader.Where as if a man has only good scores no experience to work anddoeant posses Communication skills as strong as as mine then its a clear win for me.
    Leader is one who leads a group a community a association.Hence Leader must be able to communicate and realate with the members and have the innovative approach for betterment of one and all.Somehow its the practice that women multi task in a major proportion than men and thus its a thought process which prevails the market that women are more capable to handle multi tasking and have different perspectives.While the fact is that it depends from person to person not from women to men.