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Trusting Your Gut: New Moms Get Lesson in Intuition!

By Erica Ehm

I joined the Yummy Mummy Club six years ago when Joshua finally arrived two weeks past his due date. I had no idea what to do. I stumbled through my days, sleep deprived, confused, terrified. At the six month mark, I began to get the hang of this motherhood thing. Within a year, I felt like an expert.

Over the course of the last six years, during which time I also birthed a baby girl, I bonded with many a mommy. I’ve seen with my own eyes how mothers develop and learn to trust their natural maternal instinct.

One mom’s remarkable story comes to mind. At six months into her pregnancy she began to feel “funny”. She visited her doctor, then a hospital emergency room several times over the course of a week. She was examined, each visit ending with a prescription for rest, aspirin, and orders to stop worrying. One doctor went a step further, giving her two shots of steroids to mature the baby’s lungs. Seven days later, five in the morning, this mom wakes up to go the bathroom, but falls on her knees in agony. She screams to her husband, “I’m having the baby now!!!” Half asleep, her husband calls 911, and within minutes, ends up delivering their premature baby girl. An ambulance rushes mother and daughter to the hospital.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. What struck me was how SHE KNEW!!! None of the doctors could find specific medical proof to indicate a problem, but this mom-to-be could feel it. Had she not gone to the hospital several times, she wouldn’t have been given those needles that ultimately saved her baby’s life. Instinctually, she was already protecting her child in a way no one else could.

When I was pregnant, I literally trusted my gut. Although my head told me to be careful about what I consumed to ensure my baby received only the finest nutrition, my stomach screamed for anything dripping in fat. Despite protests from my head, my gut instincts craved red meat and ice cream. I ate with abandon.

I obeyed my hungry inner voice, and with a mix of shock and awe, watched my buttocks spread, my breasts blossom and my belly bulge. My girlish figure disappeared. In its place, a round stranger who shuffled and puffed under new weight appeared – the beginnings of my transformation into Motherhood. My husband voiced his concern a few times at the large amounts of food I was taking in. Was he ever in trouble! My single friends were in perturbed at who (or what) I was becoming.

Nine months later, and forty five pounds heavier, I held my healthy eight pound baby boy. I knew that by listening to my body, I was hearing what my son needed to grow. We were connected from day one.

And so it is with most moms. Although I had a slow start embracing my new role as mother, I understand now how in tune I was right from the start. I realized that I understood my kids more than anyone on this planet. I was the expert. This “A-ha moment” was the beginning of consciously trusting my instincts.

That’s not to say getting advice from other moms isn’t helpful. I cherish my time in mommy groups, in the park and waiting for my kids after school – prime times for information sharing amongst yummy mummies. From tantrums to picky eaters, it’s always interesting to hear how other moms handle situations. That’s the benefit of being part of the Yummy Mummy Club. But when push comes to shove, and a decision has to be made about my child, I trust my gut. Mommy does know best.
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