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How to surf cost-effective on the internet

By John Rothko

It is quite common these days that you need to have several websites open at the same time do to your tasks.  The tabbed window feature is therefore a great gift from the creators of Firefox who introduced this functionality quite some years ago. And now, there is a tool that remembers the tabs and pages you use for next time, and that is the biggest time saver in the World!  Therefore, may I introduce to you: Session manager.

Session manager is an add-on for Firefox you can install with the press of a button from the Mozilla site.
If you don’t have Firefox, I really encourage you to consider downloading it because it has a wealth of really useful add-ons.  Web developers already use it for years to analyze and evaluate their sites, and we see now marketeers adopting the browser with open arms as well.  Reason?  Cost effective surfing.
For the record, I have nothing against IExplorer, it is just that I find Firefox more useful.  IExplorer has adopted many of the Firefox features but the Mozilla community keeps coming up with these brilliant inventions, it is really amazing what you can find on the add-on section.  But I’m degressing from the subject:

What possible use could the session manager have?

Let’s say, you have a blog and you want to write posts.  To work faster, you can open 2 tabs, one with the administration part of your site and one of the front end (public part).  You adapt or write a new post, and you check it in the other tab window. This way, you work faster because you only need to refresh(reload) the public page in the other tab to see the result, while you admin page remains open at the spot where you want it to be.
Or, you want to see the webstats from all your websites and compare? Just load them all and save them in a session.
Or you are looking for something on eBay and there are several items you want to compare, so you open several tabs, and suddenly you are interrupted and have to stop.  Instead of losing those pages, you can save them together for later use.  Or you are doing a research on a topic, and have 8 or 9 tabs open, no problem, session manager will remember them for you.  There is even an extra add-on that let you export sessions to another computer.

How does the session manager work?

You open a website and you open a new tab, open a website in it, open another tab, open another website etc.. until you have all pages you need at your fingertips.  Then you go to the menu bar, select Tools > Session mangager > Save session.  You will be asked to give the session a meaningful name and you hit Save.  From now on, you can open that set of websites whenever you want.  It will even remember the page you where on.

You want to change a session?  No problem, you open it, and you remove what you want to remove or you change pages and select Tools > Session mangager > Save session again, but this times you select the  existing session from the top of the dialogbox  by double clicking on the session of your choice.

That is all there is to it.  You wouldn’t believe what a time saver this is.  Here are the links again:

Let me know what you think :-)
This article has been written exclusively for Womencorp as a courtesy from Miracle Tutorials.

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