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Have you tried the Bender Ball Core Training yet?

By Krizia

Summer is coming, summer is coming, summer is FINALLY coming!!!

That means we can go to the beach again, wear tight fitting clothes and maybe reveal a little more skin than we might during those brutal winter months.

I think that most of us women (and so many men) have issues with their abs and most everyone one wants nice sexy flat abs (maybe a 6-pack abs for men). That said, no one that I know willingly likes to do sit ups or crunches because they are quite boring exercises.

Bender Ball is a new workout that is taking the boring out of abs workout by helping you sculpt your abs fast (it makes sense that you’ll need to have an overall fitness regime and you’ll need to cut out junk food to see results).

The Bender Ball Flat Abs Training Kit:

This revolutionary exercise stability ball is 408% more effective than ordinary crunches. It targets the muscles you want from all sides for fast results!

Each Flat Abs Training Kit includes:
– 1 Bender Ball
– The Bender Ball Method Manual
– Leslie Bender Ball’s amazing workout DVD

There is even an added bonus: you’ll also get a FREE bonus Buns & Thighs video!

This offer is once again only open to US and Canadian residents. You’ll find more details here: Bender Ball Core Training


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