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Got Boob Droop? Put Those Girls in Their Place!

By Erica Ehm

After birthing and nursing two kids, I experienced boob droop. Age, weight gain, weight loss all contributed. I never knew how important the right bra could be until I spent an hour with master bra fitter and co-owner of The Bra Boutique, Rhonda Finkelstein. Here are my top tips for picking up your puppies.pink bra

bra2 Know Your Boobs

Bra straps ride up the back, breasts hang like milk containers, bra digs into the body, no support, and back bulge are typical complaints. Mine is breast bulge. Your mission is to find a bra that solves your issues. Remember, what the bra does is more important than how it looks!

bra3 Measure Properly
The average woman’s breasts will change shape, size and distribution about 6 times in her life, which explains why most of us are wearing the wrong bra size. I walked in with a 34C, and after being measured, was shocked to learn Im a 32 DD. To discover your size, measure around your ribcage for the bra band, then across the breast area for cup size. A professional bra fitter can interpret those measurements to suggest the right bra.

bra4 The Jiggle Dance
To try a new bra properly, do it up on the loosest hook. Then, bend over and jiggle them into the bra cups so they can “find their homes”. Use your hands to manipulate your boobs to fill the cups properly. Pull up the straps, stand up and jiggle them again. Look for spillage (too small) or puckers (too big). If you lift your arms and the bra rides up, go down in band size. If you can’t breathe, go bigger.

bra5 The Difference
After trying on eight different styles, I took home a Le Mystere Tisha 32DD (an Oprah fave) and a Bali 3364 32DD (a great minimizer). The difference to my silhouette was huge. My torso seemed elongated and slimmer. My breasts pointed north and spillage was history.

bra6 Reality Check
If your breasts look uneven, they probably are. Most women’s left breast tends to be slightly larger. Also, most bras will feel slightly uncomfortable even if they are the right size. After being worn a while, it will mold to your body.

bra7 Cleaning Confusionbra8
It’s recommended bras be cleaned after two wearings to avoid stretching the fabric. Handwash with gentle soap, towel off excess water, reshape and hang to dry. Here’s a great tip from Randi Szymkwicz, co-owner of The Bra Boutique: Bring your bras into your shower, wash them with mild body soap, scrubbing gently with a puffball. Hang to dry!

Whether you’re overloaded with cleavage or hoping for some, the reality is the right bra can help make any mummy yummy!

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  1. Le Mystere Fille Says:
    October 3rd, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Buying bras should be taken into consideration. It should not be too tight nor too loose or else it will leave you an uncomfortable feeling. A just-right bra not only helps you get the utmost comfort you deserve, but it also helps you preventing serious breast ailments in the future.