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Divorce Fair

By Dr. Judith Gerhart

The first floor of a seafront hotel in Brighton was the scene for an eclectic market of worldly and spiritual services. There were lawyers and psychic healers, financial consultants and shoe retailers, chocolate makers and probate solicitors.

A debt consultant provided hard-headed advice on how to extricate oneself from the clutches of credit-card companies. He shared a stall with a woman who offered to redesign clients’ spiritual lives according to the principles of feng shui. A chiropractor stood alongside a lady selling activity holidays to Italy.

This was Britain’s first divorce fair, offering everything that a divorcing couple could possibly want and some things they might not have known they needed.

Some of the 300 or so visitors to the fair, for instance, may have known they would need to change their will as a result of their divorce. They perhaps did not realise that they may also need to change the colour of their clothes and their living space as part of the separation process. Four very friendly ladies, all trained “colour psychologists” were on hand to explain.

For those looking for a more spiritual end to their marriage, outside on Brighton beach three ministers of the Rhythm of Life non-denominational church enacted a “ceremony of separation”. The ministers frequently preside over weddings and funerals but they claim there is now a demand among separating couples for a similar ritual to inaugurate their divorce.

By: Will Pavia

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