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Decide, Dream and Do

By Kandee G

A Powerful Formula for Your Success!

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Now Boarding: Next Stop Your Remarkable Life

In Now Boarding, Kandee G shows you how to: Now Boarding: Next Stop Your Remarkable Life

  • Find and unleash your creative genius
  • Focus and act on your dreams
  • Find your biggest stumbling block
  • Discover personal prosperity—what it is
    and how you get it
  • Learn the one rule you must follow to
    guarantee success
  • Discover your own personal motivator
    and partner in creativity
  • Learn the powerful tool of Reclamation™
  • Learn how the PPT Factor™ can change everything
    Reclaim your remarkable life and order now!
    6×9 Hardcover
    184 pages
    ISBN 1-933285-14-1

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