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Miracle Tutorials organizes a Video Watermark Contest

Watermarking videos ensures that wherever a video is pulled in, the viewer knows who made it.  Therefore, if your video has important information, viewers will be able to find you and visit your site. That is why watermarking, or rather burn marking is important if you put videos on the internet. To celebrate Spring after […]

Every Child is a Puzzle

“Your child has learning disabilities” I felt as if a 2×4 had smashed me in the gut. My six year old son is incredibly bright, yet was coming home from school feeling tortured and inadequate. It didn’t add up until I heard his psycho-educational assessment. I felt like I was drowning. I talked about it […]

Mummy Needs a Playdate

My five year old son prefers play to work. Educators suggest early childhood development is all about learning through play. They believe a preschooler’s future success is largely dependent on being well socialized. When we were kids, finding friends was easy. The neighborhood streets were filled with kids just hanging out. Socialization happened naturally. These […]

My Son Wears Dresses: You Curious?

My son likes to wear dresses. There, I’ve said it. Since he was a toddler, he’s been attracted to all things beautiful. At dress up parties, while the boys were putting on evil monster costumes, my son got lost in the pastel colours and silky fabrics of princess gowns. It was cute. When he turned […]

The Search for balance: A Yummy Mummy’s Journey

The day my son Josh was born, my focus shifted from career to family. For eight months I marveled at his perfect nose, his delightful demeanor and the warmth of his body. But slowly, my own personal needs begin trickling to the front of my brain and the idea of work became intriguing again. . […]

Trusting Your Gut: New Moms Get Lesson in Intuition!

I joined the Yummy Mummy Club six years ago when Joshua finally arrived two weeks past his due date. I had no idea what to do. I stumbled through my days, sleep deprived, confused, terrified. At the six month mark, I began to get the hang of this motherhood thing. Within a year, I felt […]

Couple Vacation: Time for Mom & Dad

It’s dinner time. My husband and I are trying to have some semblance of a conversation. Instead, we’re bombarded with a chorus of “Mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy!” My son and daughter seem oblivious to the fact that their parents need to communicate, or they’ll become friendly strangers. A true Yummy Mummy understands the importance of […]

Got Boob Droop? Put Those Girls in Their Place!

After birthing and nursing two kids, I experienced boob droop. Age, weight gain, weight loss all contributed. I never knew how important the right bra could be until I spent an hour with master bra fitter and co-owner of The Bra Boutique, Rhonda Finkelstein. Here are my top tips for picking up your puppies. Know […]