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Are women over 35 wearing green eye shadow?

One of the biggest makeup trends for summer 2008 is green eye shadow! Green eye shadow can be a very youthful colour when you choose lighter shades, but women over 35 might win by choosing deeper shades of green. This season there are so many variations of green that it’s really a question of taste […]

Model Plan – Tips for A Model Figure

In order to be able to present yourself well and to meet the day-to-day demands you will need to learn how to meet your body’s nutritional needs. This includes finding the right kind of eating plan to suit your body and taking regular exercise in order to keep your metabolic rate ticking over. The quality […]

Olay Quench Mousse is lighter for moisturizing your skin during summer days

I might not use as much body cream during the summer months as I do during the winter, but I never leave my skin with moisturizer … regardless of the season.If you are looking for a lighter alternative to a daily body moisturizer during summer months, you might want to consider a mousse. Olay Quench […]

Are you a Leader in Your Organization?

Are you the owner of a business, or manage a large department at work? Or, are you looking to move up within your organization; to be a decision maker and oversee a large staff of employees? Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with true leaders, who have assisted me in developing […]

The 5 Energy Secrets That Women Need To Know

Keep Your Energy Levels Soaring Throughout Your Busy Day Are you feeling run down because you are always on the go, and can’t seem to get your energy levels up to make it through the day without drinking coffee, or an energy drink? If you’re looking to increase your energy levels so that you are […]

Clutter on the Go

Things You’ll Need Accordion File Plastic Bin Vinyl Lunchbox Solution: With everyone’s hectic schedule these days, it’s a wonder anybody can stay organized. Well, I have some hints to keep you on track. 1. Load a sturdy plastic accordion file with paperwork that you need on the go. Envelopes, stamps, pen, paper, mail, your kids […]

Basics of Skin Care

Different skin care options With thousands of skin products on the market, the basics of skincare can seem overwhelming. The truth is that if you want great skin, you do need to gather information before you even step into your favourite department store, spa or cosmetic spa. Our skins are plagued with sun damage, stress, […]

Ethical Behavior- It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

In each of our lives, we are going to be tested at one point or another on our ethics and moral behavior. Can you remember a time in your life when you were asked to do something, by an employer, or friend, which was outside of the lines of ethical behavior? Or have you ever […]

Hate the Thought of Dealing with an Auto Repair Center?

Love or hate your auto repair center? I came across a great article in the Automotive Management Institute Instructor Blog and thought I would share some this and get your thoughts on what level of customer service you are looking for at an auto repair center? Share your good, bad and mediocre experiences at automotive […]

Repair Your Bad Credit

Bad credit hurts. A free yearly credit report can help you repair your bad credit. Living debt is not fun. It causes anxiety, frustration and hurt your relationships. You can repair your credit!

Is The “Anti-Aging Industry” An Industry of Vanity?

Recently, a renowned North American plastic surgeon made a revealing admission during an interview. The doctor said that one of the major concerns women had when consulting him about skin rejuvenation (via non-invasive procedures such as collagen injections and Botox®) was not so much the post-treatment results. Rather, they were concerned about how their girlfriends […]

Bright Ideas to Brighten Your Blandest Days!

“I’m BORED!”, the children cried, and it is only the first day of summer vacation. Hey Mom! Surprise them with some different arts and craft projects, some of which are quiet ideas, active ideas, some for creating, some for pretending, some for thinking and learning…, get ready, get set, GO! Painting: PAINT A TWIN Use […]

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