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Bright Ideas to Brighten Your Blandest Days!

“I’m BORED!”, the children cried, and it is only the first day of summer vacation. Hey Mom! Surprise them with some different arts and craft projects, some of which are quiet ideas, active ideas, some for creating, some for pretending, some for thinking and learning…, get ready, get set, GO! Painting: PAINT A TWIN Use […]

Halloween Traditions for the Not So Spooky Family

Our family has pretty much stopped trick or treating. We live in a rural area, so most streets have no streetlights and homes are on large lots and tend to be spread out quite a bit. While I am not against it altogether, my husband and I have decided over the last few years to […]

Low on Dough? Here’s a Quick Cheap Cake Recipe You’ll Love!

This is a really great recipe that works for cakes, casseroles or anything you don’t want to stick to your baking dishes. I have used this in so many creations including Scalloped Potatoes or Au Gratin Potatoes and the clean up is so quick and easy! Quick Easy CHEAP Cake Recipe 1 cup shortening 3/4 […]

Party On! Host a Unique Dessert Party

This is probably the most feminine form of entertaining. There are a dozen excuses to have a dessert party: a club meeting in the home, an afternoon of bridge, a shower for the bride or mommy-to-be, holiday get-togethers, the introduction of a newcomer in the neighborhood to your friends. It’s a happy sort of affair, […]