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Studies Indicate Women are Poorer in Retirement: What’s A Woman To Do?

Every woman knows that there are inequities between women and men when it comes to financial matters, but few know exactly what they are or how to overcome them. As we began researching women’s financial issues we were stunned at these inequities; therefore, we offer this information in the hope that women will become aware […]

8 Essential Tips for Good Personal Tax Planning & Accounting

Overview A very important part of personal financial planning is tax planning. This issue will help you Take the Mystery out of Personal Tax Planning by providing a financial planning perspective for your overall tax situation. We have also included reminders for some of the common areas of tax savings and some year-end tax savings […]

Deck the Halls with Story Ideas at Christmas

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be painfully slow at newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations because newsmakers are doing things other than making news. Talk show guests are in short supply. Reporters often find it difficult to track down the people they need to comment on a particular story. And because […]

Personal Finances Close to the Breaking Point?

Five Steps to Prevent Disaster and Achieve Dreams We are now beginning to see what happens when an entire nation spends more than they make. The average savings rate for many years has been poor, and it is currently the lowest since the Great Depression. This is evidenced by high home foreclosures (up 90% May […]