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Will Breast Implants Work for Cancer Survivors?

For those who feel as if cancer has stolen too much of their lives and bodies, breast augmentation can assist in the recovery process. Since their invention in 1962, silicone and saline breast implants have become the 杜ost studied device in medical history” according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. While there have […]

Slowing Down Life: 5 Tips to Sleeping in on Weekends

There has been so much happening in my life since the beginning of the summer that with each passing week I felt that I was sleeping less and less and I would always feel exhausted by 10:30am. It got to the point where I was literally dragging my body around and my energy level was […]

Artemis Woman is the new way of curling your eyelashes

The biggest complaint that Caucasian and Asian women have with their eyelash curler is that it simply does not work. Some curlers make bizarre mid-lash creases while others yank out the hair. Those mishaps have certainly not stopped some women from being very inventive! Some women have found that by heating the eyelash curler pads, […]

Are women over 35 wearing green eye shadow?

One of the biggest makeup trends for summer 2008 is green eye shadow! Green eye shadow can be a very youthful colour when you choose lighter shades, but women over 35 might win by choosing deeper shades of green. This season there are so many variations of green that it’s really a question of taste […]

Olay Quench Mousse is lighter for moisturizing your skin during summer days

I might not use as much body cream during the summer months as I do during the winter, but I never leave my skin with moisturizer … regardless of the season.If you are looking for a lighter alternative to a daily body moisturizer during summer months, you might want to consider a mousse. Olay Quench […]

Basics of Skin Care

Different skin care options With thousands of skin products on the market, the basics of skincare can seem overwhelming. The truth is that if you want great skin, you do need to gather information before you even step into your favourite department store, spa or cosmetic spa. Our skins are plagued with sun damage, stress, […]

Is The “Anti-Aging Industry” An Industry of Vanity?

Recently, a renowned North American plastic surgeon made a revealing admission during an interview. The doctor said that one of the major concerns women had when consulting him about skin rejuvenation (via non-invasive procedures such as collagen injections and Botox®) was not so much the post-treatment results. Rather, they were concerned about how their girlfriends […]

Start the year on the right foot: add 10 fruits and vegetables per day to your diet for optimal health

You hear constantly: North Americans need to eat more fruits and vegetables; teens are eating less fruits and vegetables than at any other time in history; heart disease is at its highest levels, etc… Why do you really need all those fruits anyway? Fruits and veggies are plentiful sources of vitamins and minerals (and water), […]

You’ll Look 10 Years Younger … Naturally!

Controlling how you age on the outside Alas, as we age, our skin starts showing the signs of time. All of a sudden normal facial muscle movement such as smiling, chewing and squinting become enemies. Not to mention that gravity and years of sun exposure (for those hard core sun bathers) reflect an image you […]

Thinking of Cosmetic Surgery?

Seven guidelines to help you choose So you’ve been thinking of getting some non-invasive treatments like Botox®, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion or Restylane® done to your face because you might not like the image that is reflected in the mirror. You must remember that even though non-surgical cosmetic procedures do not involve surgery, these rejuvenation procedures […]

Younger Skin in Less than 90 Minutes?

Try Dermabrasion ! If you like things done quickly, you’ll love Dermabrasion. This non-surgical procedure usually takes less than 90 minutes! Dermabrasion is a procedure that removed the top skin layer to allow a newer layer of skin to surface. Your cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon will literally scrape away the outermost layer of skin […]

The Fruit That Keeps You Young!

Did you know that an avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable? Avocados should be part of your anti-aging diet!In North America, we can buy a few different types of avocados. California produces the most variety of avocados in North America; the rest of us can rely on two reliable varieties: the Fuerte and […]