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WomenCorp.org changes strategy

For quite some time, WomenCorp.org covered subjects primarily related to business. Strangely enough, those subjects didn’t seem to trigger many reactions, as opposed to postings which were socially orientated, like the article by Erica Ehm:  My Son Wears Dresses: You Curious?. This article keeps getting new interesting comments, which indicates that the subject clearly triggers high […]

Building Self Confidence The Easy Way: The Art of Looking Successful

The power of appearing to be self confident works almost as well as actually being confident, even if you’re not. People treat you differently when you seem poised and self confident. This articles is about learning how to ‘act’ self confident in order to build self confidence over time.

Will Breast Implants Work for Cancer Survivors?

For those who feel as if cancer has stolen too much of their lives and bodies, breast augmentation can assist in the recovery process. Since their invention in 1962, silicone and saline breast implants have become the 杜ost studied device in medical history” according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. While there have […]

Back to school baking recipes for your kids lunch box

Prepare these delicious lunch recipes for your kids! Back to school is fast approaching and if you’ve been concerned with the quality of the food your kids eat at school, you’re not the only one. Countless parents are now packing healthier lunch options for their kids in the hopes of providing them with all the […]

Neotrope Joins Sponsors of Self-Publishers Online Conference 2010

Edited by Debra Tone Authors Receive Self-Publisher Education and Book Promotion Discounts at Virtual Conference. TORRANCE, Calif., April 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Neotrope today announced it has joined in sponsoring the second annual Self-Publishers Online Conference (SPOC), a three-day virtual event that features a total of 15 expert speakers, and which will take place May […]

Ab Coaster: Another ab machine that will end up in your garage?

I rarely do ab exercises anymore and my abs are firmer and flatter than ever before!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Once a trainer told me many years ago that you cannot target train (aka train to lose weight in one part of your body without losing in other parts of your body)  to lose […]

Miracle Tutorials organizes a Video Watermark Contest

Watermarking videos ensures that wherever a video is pulled in, the viewer knows who made it.  Therefore, if your video has important information, viewers will be able to find you and visit your site. That is why watermarking, or rather burn marking is important if you put videos on the internet. To celebrate Spring after […]

Have you tried the Bender Ball Core Training yet?

Summer is coming, summer is coming, summer is FINALLY coming!!! That means we can go to the beach again, wear tight fitting clothes and maybe reveal a little more skin than we might during those brutal winter months. I think that most of us women (and so many men) have issues with their abs and […]

Natural Health advisory service

Here is a an interesting video on menopause by Maryon Stewart. She is specialized in helping women overcome their symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, irritable bowel syndrome, and a whole host of other conditions.

Your own online TV station

Is it possible to create your own independent TV station or video channel?  According to John Rothko from Miracle Tutorials, you can.  It is much cheaper then you might imagine and the advantage is that the quality of the videos will be superior compared to YouTube because you are in full control over the system. […]

Slowing Down Life: 5 Tips to Sleeping in on Weekends

There has been so much happening in my life since the beginning of the summer that with each passing week I felt that I was sleeping less and less and I would always feel exhausted by 10:30am. It got to the point where I was literally dragging my body around and my energy level was […]

Artemis Woman is the new way of curling your eyelashes

The biggest complaint that Caucasian and Asian women have with their eyelash curler is that it simply does not work. Some curlers make bizarre mid-lash creases while others yank out the hair. Those mishaps have certainly not stopped some women from being very inventive! Some women have found that by heating the eyelash curler pads, […]

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