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How to Harness the Power of Mobile Merchant Accounts for Your Business

Mobile options for simple and easy online merchant accounts are rapidly changing “business as usual” in the world of payment processing. This technology has the potential to significantly benefit small business owners. The most simplistic explanation of these services is that they create non-traditional methods of accepting payments and conducting transactions via cell phones and […]

Elevator Pitch: how to present yourself in 1 minute

Excellent video on how to present yourself and your business in a minute.  The setting in this video is an elevator where an entrepreneur gets the chance to convince investors to buy into his idea to a couple of experts. John Daymond, co-founder of FUBU, is now an experienced advisor on both business and positive […]

What Do Clients Really Want?

Clients want the same thing the rest of us want, and that is to be understood and be given respect for what they do. Clients buy you, not the product or service. How do you sell “you”? The first step is to establish credibility. Credibility is begun by sounding knowledgeable about the prospect’s industry and […]

What’s Your Value?

Most female entrepreneurs beginning their own business seem to suffer from their own perceived “lack of worth” syndrome. They are so accustomed taking a back seat as housewives and mothers or volunteering for the community greater good, that their inherent skill set has been greatly diminished in terms of monetary value. Men, on the other […]

Women in Business Must Avoid This Huge Error…

Are you aware that men excel over women in this one arena? Find out what the men do and mirror their behavior to accelerate the growth of your business. Are you making this same error? Time and again, I witness business people walking away from golden opportunities that may never present themselves again. They are […]