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Business Success Through Information Publishing

Building your own credibility online isn’t that hard to do. You can not only be your own reporter and publish online to get visibility but you can make money from it too and work from home. This article is about ideas on how to do income publishing with information products.

A fun message is viral

On the site of American Small business is an article from Paul Boomer with an video example how to get your message effectively across the internet with. It is all about creating a compelling, fun video commercial which people will want to share with their friends and colleagues.  Let’s face it, most commercials are dead […]

Elevator Pitch: how to present yourself in 1 minute

Excellent video on how to present yourself and your business in a minute.  The setting in this video is an elevator where an entrepreneur gets the chance to convince investors to buy into his idea to a couple of experts. John Daymond, co-founder of FUBU, is now an experienced advisor on both business and positive […]

Joan’s Top 10 Tips for Free Publicity

They’re referred to as Publicity Hounds and I’ll bet you know at least one. They’re the people smiling back at you from color photos that accompany their profile story in the morning paper. Turn on the radio and there they are again, chatting away on a local talk show. Two months later, they show up […]

13 Tips for Using Photos & Graphics in Your Publicity Campaign

If you’re pitching stories about your business, but photos are an afterthought, you could be missing fabulous opportunities for publicity. A good-quality photo is often the first thing that attracts a reader’s attention. It serves as an anchor on the page. And often, a photo can tell its own story, without being accompanied by an […]

Public access channel lets you host your own cable TV show

How would you like a half-hour of free TV publicity every week to promote your business or organization? If you’re willing to do the legwork, it’s yours for the asking if you have a public-access cable television channel in your community. For a nominal fee, many stations offer classes that teach you how to use […]

10 Ways to Make Money on Radio and TV Talk Shows

If you have a new book, product or service to sell, here’s how to make money on radio and TV talk shows all over the country. The tips are courtesy of Steve Harrison, publisher of “Radio-TV Interview Report: The Magazine Producers Read to Find Guests.” The magazine reaches more than 4,000 talk show producers, and […]

Deck the Halls with Story Ideas at Christmas

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be painfully slow at newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations because newsmakers are doing things other than making news. Talk show guests are in short supply. Reporters often find it difficult to track down the people they need to comment on a particular story. And because […]

Holiday Gift Guides: A Goldmine for Publicity

Every year, newspapers and magazines print special sections devoted to products and services their readers can give as gifts. Many of these publications will welcome your press releases and photos, as long as the product or book ties into the demographics of the readers. However, there are some important tactics to keep in mind once […]

Your Book: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Write

One of the saddest parts of my job as a publicity expert is taking calls from authors who are almost in tears. All the calls sound the same. The authors have spent a fortune writing, publishing and marketing their books—with few sales to show for it. Most of them can’t park in their garages because […]

Craigslist: A Powerful Publicity Tool

So you thought Craigslist was only for finding an apartment, a job, a car or a date. Did you know that the wildly popular web portal can be one of the most valuable tools in your PR campaign, particularly if you’re looking for grassroots publicity targeted at certain cities or countries? Craigslist is a giant […]

Special Events Publicity: 11 Tips to Draw a Crowd

If you’ve been put in charge of publicizing your group’s annual charity ball, food festival, tourist event, church bazaar, triathalon, or any other special event that must attract hundreds of people or raise thousands of dollars, don’t panic. You don’t need to spend another sleepless night worrying about your event if you steal the 11 […]