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How to do an interview on Skype with PrettyMay

PrettyMay is an audio recorder for conversations using  Skype.  In 2 video tutorials we explain how this works with a real life example of a conversation, first from Skype to land line and then from Skype to Skype.  You will notice a considerable difference in quality on the side of the other caller. If you […]

A fun message is viral

On the site of American Small business is an article from Paul Boomer with an video example how to get your message effectively across the internet with. It is all about creating a compelling, fun video commercial which people will want to share with their friends and colleagues.  Let’s face it, most commercials are dead […]

Miracle Tutorials organizes a Video Watermark Contest

Watermarking videos ensures that wherever a video is pulled in, the viewer knows who made it.  Therefore, if your video has important information, viewers will be able to find you and visit your site. That is why watermarking, or rather burn marking is important if you put videos on the internet. To celebrate Spring after […]

Bruce Clay heralds the end of ranking in Google

Ranking will be phased out in the coming year in favor of more relevant search results where sites with video, audio and/or Flash content will score better, while spam sites will get a hard time, according to Bruce Clay, the president of Bruce Clay Inc.

Be contagious, be yourself on video

Krizia, a regular contributor to articles on beauty and fashion for WomenCorp has created such a joyous video that I really have to show you.  This is a prime example of a being-yourself-video. It is genuine, it is funny and therefore it is real and convincing.  I haven’t even seen the show she is talking […]

Your own online TV station

Is it possible to create your own independent TV station or video channel?  According to John Rothko from Miracle Tutorials, you can.  It is much cheaper then you might imagine and the advantage is that the quality of the videos will be superior compared to YouTube because you are in full control over the system. […]

BlogtalkRadio: social, free and easy

There is a wonderful social network called BlogTalkRadio.  Basically, you can record your own radio talkshow with just a phone and a computer.  The service records your talk show through the phone with a number of guests/listeners (max 5) and that show is then automatically published on BlogTalk Radio.  Yet, you can also publish the […]

For video an extra hard drive is no luxury – part II

Since there is still an enormous evolution in external hard drives, information becomes stale while you write it, so here is an update on the subject that starts with a question from one of my pupils: “I didn’t know hard drives can die on me so quickly” Any piece of hardware can die on you […]

Is your blog blind reader ready?

Below you find an interesting article about the issues of accessibility and why you should check if your site keeps blind users in mind. I wrote some notes on this article because some of the suggestions there are obsolete. Browsers have evolved a lot, so do come back after you read this: http://www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=4&TopicID=167&DocumentID=2757 Since MiracleTutorials.com […]

Which type of camcorder/webcam to chose when using a teleprompter?

Last week, I’ve got a question about which camcorder or webcam is best for use with a teleprompter. There are camcorders you can attach on the monitor while others need a mini-tripod. As you obviously do not want to buy 2 camcorders in the beginning, what do you need? The answer depends largely on your […]