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Business Success Through Information Publishing

Building your own credibility online isn’t that hard to do. You can not only be your own reporter and publish online to get visibility but you can make money from it too and work from home. This article is about ideas on how to do income publishing with information products.

Neotrope Joins Sponsors of Self-Publishers Online Conference 2010

Edited by Debra Tone Authors Receive Self-Publisher Education and Book Promotion Discounts at Virtual Conference. TORRANCE, Calif., April 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Neotrope today announced it has joined in sponsoring the second annual Self-Publishers Online Conference (SPOC), a three-day virtual event that features a total of 15 expert speakers, and which will take place May […]

How to do an interview on Skype with PrettyMay

PrettyMay is an audio recorder for conversations using  Skype.  In 2 video tutorials we explain how this works with a real life example of a conversation, first from Skype to land line and then from Skype to Skype.  You will notice a considerable difference in quality on the side of the other caller. If you […]

Interesting comparison between China and India

This is such a great video that I really felt compelled share it with you: It’s a very informative video from Vitamine C, by Adam Daniel Mezei, who compares various facts between China and India, including economic.  He has other videos on China which are certainly worthwhile to watch as well.  I like his insights […]

Professional ladies of pleasure find Twitter

Imagine, I’m walking down the street and suddenly, 12 lightly dressed ladies jump on me from around the corner, expressing the desire to follow me.  As a male, it is kind of flattering to be so popular with the ladies, so my first reaction is one of delight, although I confess to have a girlfriend […]

How to interact with Twitter

A lot of people, and that includes me, do not exactly understand how Twitter works, as it is quite confusing in many ways.  But I stumbled upon an interesting article that more or less explains the various types of conversations that go on and how to blend in. That said, I’m a couple of months […]

A fun message is viral

On the site of American Small business is an article from Paul Boomer with an video example how to get your message effectively across the internet with. It is all about creating a compelling, fun video commercial which people will want to share with their friends and colleagues.  Let’s face it, most commercials are dead […]

Elevator Pitch: how to present yourself in 1 minute

Excellent video on how to present yourself and your business in a minute.  The setting in this video is an elevator where an entrepreneur gets the chance to convince investors to buy into his idea to a couple of experts. John Daymond, co-founder of FUBU, is now an experienced advisor on both business and positive […]

Andrew Patricio Interview

Andrew has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is an international small business expert, trainer, coach, conference speaker, seminar leader and author of the best-seller “Up & Running – A Guide to Running Your Own Business.”

Bruce Clay heralds the end of ranking in Google

Ranking will be phased out in the coming year in favor of more relevant search results where sites with video, audio and/or Flash content will score better, while spam sites will get a hard time, according to Bruce Clay, the president of Bruce Clay Inc.

Marc Gordon Podcast

Marc Gordon started his journey into entrepreneurship in 1986 at the age of sixteen. Racing model cars, Marc began importing parts and accessories that were not available in locally. What started out as a weekend hobby eventually became a major source of income.

A site that loves our content so much!

There is a site that loves our content so much that it places a copy of our article, almost as soon as we publish it.  Sounds good, you might think and indeed, if it is one article, it is not an issue, but if they take over whole categories, and you discover the sites contains […]

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