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The “Buy Me” Biography

If you’re starting a consulting or professional services practice, a bio can help you market yourself by focusing on the qualities and traits most relevant to your “buyers.” For consultants’ biographies, the lead paragraph should emphasize how their expertise and experience can address a specific need for a particular potential client:
To boards, executives and senior [...]

How to brand yourself…

At the Marketing Chefs we are often asked to help companies find and define their brand statement. Recently it seemed that a number of friends and business associates were looking for help in re-positioning themselves or providing a bio that fit their current experience level.
As I read the typical/standard bio which contains information like:

Business [...]

Women in Business can Live with Passion

Do you love what you do for a living?
Do you even like it?
More and more, women are seeking for something that’s more fulfilling. Something that matters. Something that makes a difference. Something they’re passionate about. But so many of us feel that we can’t break out from what we’re doing, [...]

How to Wake Up Jazzed Every Day!

How You Can Learn To Love Your Alarm Clock!!

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Inspiration To Make Your Soul Sing!

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