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Bruce Clay heralds the end of ranking in Google

By Rudolf Boogerman

Ranking will be phased out in the coming year in favor of more relevant search results where sites with video, audio and/or Flash content will score better, while spam sites will get a hard time, according to Bruce Clay, the president of Bruce Clay Inc.
This sounds like good news because site owners doing a real effort to deliver good quality content are going to be rewarded.  However, top 10 ranking sites which won’t have video or audio content will drop down dramatically and that may raise some eyebrows here and there.

Here is a really interesting video conducted by Mike MacDonald where he interviews Bruce Clay, about this subject:

If you followed this excellent video interview, you probably have noticed that there will be some issues about privacy for the Google users, because Google will base search results partly on the IP address of the user and his/her previous search history.  So far, this approach was only used when searching in the personal Google account, but now it will become a web wide approach and that means that the search history of every user will become publicly available.  I can imagine this will give cause to heated discussions on forums here and there.

No videos on your site yet?  Don’t panic, it isn’t that bad.

We have to put one thing in perspective: search engines are not the only way to attract traffic.  Bruce and other SEO experts tend to give more importance to search engines then they actually deserve, because search engines normally should only accounts for approximately 25%-50% of your traffic.
The rest of your traffic should come via social networking, links with other sites, mouth- to-mouth advertising, traditional advertising and/or TV commercials.  So, if you haven’t been deploying video or audio so far, there is no reason to panic.

However, it is clear that the internet is changing dramatically, therefore the sooner you come to terms with using audio or video on your site,  the better.  Besides, it is actually big fun to create your own videos once you get into the routine of doing it. My site www.miracletutorials.com has a whole series on how to create your own video channel, what tools to use, how to improve your video and audio etc …

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