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Be contagious, be yourself on video

By John Rothko

Krizia, a regular contributor to articles on beauty and fashion for WomenCorp has created such a joyous video that I really have to show you.  This is a prime example of a being-yourself-video. It is genuine, it is funny and therefore it is real and convincing.  I haven’t even seen the show she is talking about, but I was mesmerized by the way she presented this is in such a natural and funny way without overdoing it.  Krizia clearly enjoyed making this video and it works contagious.  And that, is the secret behind good video: being contagious by being yourself and not taking yourself too seriously.

I do not know about you, but I watched this video over and over again.  It made me feel happy.  It made me wanting to see more videos from Krizia and that is what we need to achieve if we want to make a lasting impression on our audience.  The quality of the video is not great, it is a bit blurry, but the performance is so genuine that all the rest is unimportant.  Even better, the fact that the video is not a studio product, makes it real.  Please, have a look and enjoy:

You see what I mean? Even if you are not interested in the subject, you can not help watching it, do you?  Humor in combination with sincerity is the key to success.

Do you agree or disagree?  Let me know what you think!

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