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A fun message is viral

By John Rothko

On the site of American Small business is an article from Paul Boomer with an video example how to get your message effectively across the internet with. It is all about creating a compelling, fun video commercial which people will want to share with their friends and colleagues.  Let’s face it, most commercials are dead boring, we are sitting them out while watching TV or we get something from the refrigerator in the hope to be back on time when the movie commences.  The internet is different because the viewer has the choice to go away and not to come back without risking to miss anything.  Therefore, the regular TV commercial will never make it on the internet, apart from a couple of exceptions. Unless your video commercial is really, and I mean, REALLY interesting, chances that it will be watch until the end are small indeed, so you have to make sure that the viewer is entertained and you will want to keep it short as well.

The video used as an example  on the American Small business site is rather compplicated to achieve and that is part of its charm, actually. It is not exactly the ideal example for a start up entrepreneur with a tight budget, but a fun message doesn’t need to be that complicated, of course.  Most brilliant ideas are simple.  As long as you get a smile on the viewer’s face, your video commercial will have a good chance of going viral on the internet:

Have a look here: http://www.americansmallbusiness.com/default.asp?ArticleID=1308

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