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A free yearly credit report can save you money

By Lynn Carnes

I just found some important information on the value you can get from a free yearly credit report. This report can be used to make sure you stay on top of your credit score and keep it high. As women in business, we know how important it is to manage our credit score.

Here’s some data from Lee Ann Obringer of www.howstuffworks.com that really makes this point well:

What Your Score Affects
Your credit score doesn’t just affect whether or not you get a loan; it also affects how much that loan is going to cost you. As your credit score increases, your credit risk decreases. This means your interest rate decreases.

credit score impact on loan rates

There are other factors that influence the interest rate you get for a loan besides your credit score. Things like the type of property you are using the loan to buy, how much of your own money (equity) is going into it, the costs the lender has to make the loan, etc.

It’s both easy and free to get your credit score. You might want to go ahead and “just do it”, as they say:

Also, if you know that your credit score isn’t where you want it to be, and you want to repair your credit, check out our credit repair system. It is a comprehensive approach to repairing your credit and getting you on the path to a high score and all the good things that come with that.

If you’d like to see Lee Ann’s full article (I recommend it), here’s the link: http://money.howstuffworks.com/credit-score2.htm

To your good credit!

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